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Reserve Shiraz 2016 wins Gold Medal at the Qld Wine Awards 2018


Latest 2018 Wine Ratings from James Halliday


Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 Silver 94 points; Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 Silver 94 points; Reserve Shiraz 2016 Silver 94 points; Reserve Pinot Noir 2016 Silver 90 points; Cabernet Shiraz 2015 Silver 90 points; Reserve Malbec 2016 Silver 90 points;

Our Pinot Gris 2016 wins Gold and Qld's Best White Wine Trophy at the Cairns Show 2017

Wine writer Tony Keys gives us some rave reviews

 Reviews by Wine Writer Tony Keys  - February 2017

" Robert Channon Granite Belt Verdelho 2016:

Mr Channon, king of verdelho? I think so. Somehow Channon draws more out of the grape then most, it has a solid base but flavours tumble and skip across the base in a pleasing and enjoyable way 94 points and worth $28

Robert Channon ‘Wild Ferment’ Granite Belt Verdelho 2016: Tasted February 2017: 

I’ve not tasted a huge range of verdelho’s at one sitting but every time I taste a Robert Channon verdelho I know I’m in the presence of a master of the grape. This is simply superb from first smell to finial sip and it has some more development, seek it out buy it and enjoy, 96 points and value at $30<

Robert Channon ‘Wild Ferment’ Granite Belt Pinot Gris 2016: Tasted February 2017: 

There is pinot gris and pinot gris and there is this Robert Channon pinot gris, it really is in a league of its own. It has a tinge of copper colour, is delightful on the nose enticing the drinker to linger. Once in the mouth the texture is on the rich side but not full on. Flavours roll into each other in a seamless way with each one giving joy, 95 points and well worth $30

Robert Channon Granite Belt Pinot Gris 2016: 

Mostly crisp but with a slim vain of richness running through it, well-made and versatile it did well on tasting was enjoyed as a glass of wine and went well with a light supper 93 points and value at $20

Robert Channon Granite Belt Rose 2016: 

A pinot noir wine gentle on the nose and a pleasing light pink colour, soft to start but builds on the journey 93 points and value at $20

Tony Keys:
Robert Channon Granite Belt Verdelho 2014: 

I never get enough verdelho wines to make a line-up and taste together, but from memory, reinforced by this tasting, the Channon wine is among the best in the country. It has a character that others lack, building as it travels, it entertains all along the journey. 94 points and worth its $28.

Robert Channon ‘Reserve’ Granite Belt Chardonnay 2014: Classic chardonnay nose, light toasted bread, a smell to linger over. It’s still young but it’s a beauty that is growing into a graceful lady. 95 points and well worth the $35 asked.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Botrytis Chardonnay 2013: I’ve tasted a few botrytis chardonnays over the years and always enjoyed them simply because they are rare and different. This is the same but they are not, in my opinion, great wines, just very interesting. 93 points and for those into something different worth paying $24 for a half bottle.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Pinot Shiraz NV: The pinot was from 2013 and the shiraz from 2014. It’s an unusual blend nowadays but I have been in the wine business long enough to remember weak Burgundy pinot being given a shot of Rhone shiraz when bottled in England. It works very well. This wine was well balanced and had both fruit and depth. 93 points and well worth the $20 asked.
Robert Channon Granite Belt Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2013: Very pleasant cool climate style, black fruits swelling around the mouth with the correct balance of acid and tannin. 93 and value at $20.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Petit Verdot 2013: As I have often said, straight PV is not a favourite of mine and unfortunately this wine doesn’t sway my opinion. Having said that, it's far from a poor wine and it will have its following. 92 points and an OK price at $25. 


Robert Channon Granite Belt Pinot Gris 2013
Extremely good wine with enough fullness to be rounded but not lose definition. 91 points, worth its $19.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Rose 2013
An unusual blend of pinot noir and pinot gris but boy does it make one very interesting wine. A sweet tinge to start but then plenty of bite as it travels. It also transfers well to the table; I had it with some venison pate. Fantastic wine, 93 points and good value at $17.50.

Tony Keys - March 2014

Robert Channon Granite Belt Verdelho 2013
Verdelho is the curate of cultivators; it's a Volvo, a safe middle of the road sort of grape. Mr Channon brings it alive, he coaxes more out of the grape than almost any other winemaker in Australia. This is sensuous, attractive wine, greatly enjoyed. 94 points and worth its $27.
Summary: Robert Channon has the touch with this variety.

Tony Keys - February 2014

Robert Channon 'Reserve' Granite Belt Shiraz Cabernet 2008

A fantastic nose of earth and stable yard. To say it's unclean would be misleading but to say it has a wonderful stinkyness is all complement. Light in the mouth with elegance as it travels and flavours in the tart black fruit range. Also works well at the table. 94 points and $29 is very good value.

Peter Chapman - Wine and Food Editor APN - 1 January 2014

Verdelho 2013

"When critics judge your verdelho as one of the best in the land it puts pressure on you each vintage to maintain the reputation. Robert hasn't let his followers down. Another quality drop."
Rating: 95/100

Pinot Gris 2013

"The winemaker avoided all oak influences to bring out the delicatefruit flavours. The result is a soft white that will go beautifully with seafood."
Rating: 91/100

Tony Love - Wine writer News Limited - 28 January 2104

Pinot Gris 2013

"This grape performs well in many southern regions and close to a kilometre altitude on granite ground. So too here, where teased from the grape comes a subtle note of lime syrup and honeydew melon, the palate quite staunch and packing some punch and weight that truly says "gris" and not "grigio". In the end it's simply delicious."

Rating: 4 stars

Cairns Wine Show -

Sparkling Chardonnay Trophy Best Qld White Wine and Silver Medal.

James Halliday Review

Robert Channon Wines Verdelho 2012

"This takes verdelho to another level of length and intensity altogether, with the flavours spreading through the length and breadth of the palate, the fruit salad notes tempered by a jab of citrus/lemon. Rating 93 points.

Reviews by Tony Keys

Robert Channon Granite Belt Pinot Noir 2009: Has the slight stinky pinot nose that is very attractive to me. A full style but heaps of character and a good finish. After all these positive points it seems strange to say it, but it just doesn’t run smooth across the palate; something doesn’t quite gel. However, it still rates 93 and is not out of the pinot price range at $35.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Chardonnay 2012: Fragrant on the nose and light across the palate, it’s not complex but a delightful wine. At $20 I see it as a better buy that most sauvignon blancs in the same bracket. 92 points.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Pinot Gris 2012: Silly description, I know, but it’s a laid-back wine, a Sunday afternoon on the beach or around the pool sort of wine. I enjoyed it. 91 points and an OK price at $19.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Verdelho 2011: Channon is a master of this variety and it appears it is well suited to this region, so one expects this to be a wine of quality, and it is. An attractive nose leans towards a sauvignon style, but is not as aggressive. On the palate it’s on the tart side but more time is needed for the wine to smooth out under the acid. Interesting flavours lurk and will come to the fore in time. 90 points now but more to come. Pricey at $27.50 but I think it will develop to become worth that price.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Verdelho 2012: I really had to work at this wine as youth is working against it. All that is there is hidden at the moment but out front is promise and I think towards the end of 2013 this duckling will became a fine white swan. 88 now but several more points will emerge and it will be worth the $27 asked.

Robert Channon ‘ Singing Lake’ Regional Blend Verdelho 2012: This is a blend of fruit from Granite Belt and Hunter Valleyvineyards. It works really well. Full and flavoursome, not complex but very pleasing to consume. I really enjoyed drinking as well as tasting it. 93 points and worth its $19.

Des Houghton Courier Mail 9 March 2013.

" The success of the (Robert Channon Wines') verdelho has overshadowed the cool climate vineyard's other outstanding offerings such as the "secret" chardonnay.

In national competitions it has already out scored chardonnay from 130 leading wineries including Coldstream Hills and Devil's Lair.

That's quite an achievement.

The current release was made by Stephen Oliver. It is delicately oaked and retails for $19.50."

Pinot Gris 2012 "A medium bodied white with hints of pear and lime devoid of oak influences. Chill it for a Sunday picnic down by the river. Food: Grilled fish with lemon butter. Rating 92/100 " Peter Chapman APN Newspapers.

Pinot Noir 2011 "The third vintage of Pinot Noir from this winery delivers with cherry spice aromas and a savoury light berry finish. An enjoyable wine that will please any pinot drinker. Food: Turkey meatloaf.Rating 93/100" Peter Chapman APN Newspapers

Sparkling Chardonnay 2010 - Royal Sydney Show Bronze Medal.

Sparkling Chardonnay 2010 - 94 points Peter Chapman APN Newspapers.

Pinot Noir 2011
" I can say in this past week I ...found Robert Channon Granite Belt Pinot Noir 2011, made by Stephen Oliver, a classy delight and only $19." Tony Keys

Pinot Noir 2011"Proof the Granite Belt can produce good varietal pinot noir, this shows dark cherry fruit on the nose and a rich liqueur cherrycharacter on the palate finishing with silky tannins. Enjoy over the next few years with roast duck or game. Rating 92". Mike Frost Courier Mail.

Pinot Noir 2009 "Their first pinot noir vintage so feel suitably privileged and be duly reverent drinking it. They've kicked a goal in their first game, so expect big things. 9/10 " Max Crus.

Pinot Gris 2011 "Attractive pear skin aromas as well as a mineral edge on the nose. Fleshy, pithy fruit driven palate. Dry but with a hint of residual sugar that is well balanced with medium acidity, this contributes to the length of palate producing a overall good quality wine at a very reasonable price. Conclusion - A clean and light but good example of the Gris style. Highly RecommendedRRP 19.00" Clive Hartley Australian Wine Guide.


TROPHIES 2001 – 2015
QUEENSLAND WINE AWARDS 2015 - Best White Wine - Verdelho 2015

NEW ENGLAND WINE SHOW 2014 Best Sparkling Wine –Sparkling Chardonnay 2012

QLD WINE PRESS CLUB 2014 Trophy for Contribution to Queensland Wine.

QUEENSLAND WINE AWARDS 2013 Provenance Trophy for Reserve Chardonnay

CAIRNS SHOW 2013 Trophy for Best Qld White Wine – Sparkling Chardonnay 2009

QUEENSLAND WINE AWARDS 2012Provenance Trophy for Reserve Chardonnay

AUST. SMALL WINEMAKERS SHOW 2010 National Champion Sparkling Wine - Sparkling Chardonnay 2008

QUEENSLAND WINE AWARDS 2010 Trophy for Best Qld White Wine – Reserve Chardonnay 2007

AUST. SMALL WINEMAKERS SHOW 2009Trophy for Most Successful Queensland Exhibitor

RASQ SHOW TOOWOOMBA 2009Trophy Best Chardonnay – Reserve Chardonnay 2005

Trophy for Best Qld Red Wine – Reserve Cab Sauv 2005

Trophy for Most Successful Exhibitor

RASQ SHOW TOOWOOMBA 2008 Trophy Best non- Mediterranean Red – Reserve Cab Sauv 2005

AUST SMALL WINEMAKERS SHOW 2007 Trophy for Best Qld White Wine - Chardonnay 2007

ROYAL BRISBANESHOW 2007 Trophy for Most Successful Queensland Exhibitor

Trophy for Best Qld Wine – Res Chardonnay 2005\

Trophy for Best Qld White Wine – Res Chardonnay 2005

Trophy for Best Chardonnay – Res Chardonnay 2005

AUST SMALL WINEMAKERS SHOW 2006 Trophy for Best Qld White Wine - Reserve Chardonnay 2005

QUEENSLAND WINE AWARDS 2006 Trophy for Best White Wine – Reserve Chardonnay 2005

ROYAL BRISBANE SHOW 2005 Trophy for Most Successful Queensland Exhibitor

Trophy for Best Qld Wine – Chardonnay 2004

Trophy for Best Qld White Wine – Chardonnay 2004

Trophy Best Verdelho – Verdelho 2004

Trophy Best Qld Non-Mediterranean White Wine – Chardonnay 2003

Trophy Best Qld Mediterranean White – Verdelho 2004

National Trophy Best Chardonnay - Reserve Chardonnay 2002

Trophy Most Successful Queensland Exhibitor

RASQ SHOW TOOWOOMBA 2004 Trophy Best Qld Mediterranean White Wine - Verdelho 2003

BRISBANE WINE FESTIVAL 2004 Trophy Best Qld White Wine - Reserve Chardonnay 2002

AUST. SMALL WINEMAKERS SHOW 2003Trophy for Most Successful Queensland Exhibitor

QUEENSLAND WINE AWARDS 2003 Trophy for Best White Wine - Verdelho 2003

Trophy for Best Queensland White Wine - Verdelho 2002

Trophy for Most Successful Queensland Exhibitor

Trophy for Excellence in Winemaking

QUEENSLAND WINE AWARDS 2002 Trophy for Best White Wine - Verdelho 2002

QUEENSLAND WINE AWARDS 2001 Trophy for Best White Wine - Verdelho 2001

INTERNATIONAL AWARD London International Wine Show 2003 - Verdelho 2002 Silver Medal

Singing Lake Sparkling Chardonnay 2008 * National Champion Sparkling Wine & Gold Medal Australian Small Winemakers Show 2010 * Not just Queensland's best but Australia's Best!

Reserve Chardonnay 2007 * Five Stars from Winestate Magazine *Trophy for Queensland's Best White Wine & Gold Medal Queensland Wine Awards 2010 * "A world class wine" Neil McGuigan, Chief Judge.

Des Houghton's Column

Courier Mail Saturday February 6, 2010

"It's a Tough Job, but someone's got to do it!

Robert Channon has again stamped his authority as the state's leading producer of white wine with an emphatic victory at a mass blind tasting of Queensland wines at Parliament House this week.

And talented Mt Tamborine wine maker John Heslop is celebrating after his Witches Falls 2007 Syrah made with Ballandean fruit - trounced a Melbourne Cup field to win the battle of the reds.

The tastings were organised by the teetotal speaker, John Mickel who put together a team of professional and amateur judges, including your favourite columnist.
In the end we whittled the 25 whites to two wines, a 2008 pinot gris or a 2009 verdelho.

At the suggestion of chairman of judges Andrew Corrigan, Master of Wine, we chose the verdelho.

Only when the brown paper bags were torn away did we learn that both wines were from Robert Channon Wines.

Three members of Parliament joined the tasting panel. They were Labor's Grace Grace and Margaret Keech and the LNP's Tim Nicholls, all displaying a surprising depth of Knowledge.

Keech of course was the world's first and only wine minister, a portfolio she enjoyed in a previous Bligh government, since abandoned.

With them were Clerk of the Parliament Neil Laurie, another wine buff and regular visitor to the Granite Belt, and Jake Smith an LNP media and policy adviser.

We all thought Channon's verdelho was a standout.
Mickel said Parliament would buy 128 cartons from each winner to be used in functions throughout the year to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first sitting.

The first Queensland parliament sat on May 22 1860."

James Halliday 28th Feb 2009

"Robert Channon Wines, arguably Australia's foremost producer of Verdelho with innumerable trophies and gold medals to its credit"

James Halliday, The Australian February 28, 2009

Ken Gargett 11 December 2007

Extract from Ken Gargett's column in the Courier Mail 11 December 2007 on the results of the previous week's Queensland Wine Awards at which he was a judge and panel chairman.

"DRINK LOCAL It was terrific to see wineries succeeding with varieties that are usually not associated with them. For example Robert Channon Wines has had huge success in the past with its Verdelho and its chardonnay yet on this occasion, its Cabernet (Reserve 2005) and Pinot Gris (2007) stepped up and were in the running for best red and best white respectively. The Pinot Gris was in our "odds and sods" class and all agreed it was by far the best pinot gris we'd seen from Queensland and, more importantly, one of the best we'd seen from anywhere in Australia this year. An elegant style, perhaps more grigio than gris if one wants to tag these wines, it was finely balanced and had classic varietal pear characters.

FOOTNOTE : The Robert Channon Wines Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 was runner up for the trophy for Best Red Wine in the Show. Ken Gargett didn't mention it, but our Verdelho 2007 also won a gold medal as did the Reserve Cabernet and the Pinot Gris.

Ken Gargett Review

Robert Channon Wines Review

Ken Gargett Brisbane Courier Mail 24 July 2007

"Whites? We rarely comment on show successes for individual wines as sometimes it seems there are so many shows that every player wins a prize, but it is worth mentioning the extraordinary results achieved by Robert Channon. His 2006 Verdelho just picked up gold from the 2007 Royal Queensland Show. He also snagged silver for his 2006 Chardonnay and the Trophy for the most successful Queensland winery.

This is a national show with high standards of judging and competition from wines all around Australia. Channon has achieved success here before, regularly winning top Queensland winery and in 2004 the trophy for the best chardonnay in the show and the following year another gold for its chardy. True wines such as Giaconda, Bindi and Leeuwin are not shown at the Royal but that is their choice.

The dominance of the Channon Verdelho has been even more remarkable. It won top Queensland wine for an amazing three years running in the Courier Mail Sofitel Queensland Wine awards and is a superlative example of the variety. It has been at the forefront of why Queensland does Verdelho better than anywhere else in Australia.